Family Resources

  • Introduction to MiC for Family

    This PowerPoint provides a general overview of our curriculum, Mathematics in Context (MiC). MiC is built around the principles of Realistic Mathematics Education and uses math models to develop a deeper understanding of the content. The core of the MiC curriculum is to prepare students for high school and college math while developing their career readiness skills.
  • Unit Overviews for Families

    See the relevant books for each grade by clicking the arrow next to the grade level. Then click on the title of the Mathematics in Context unit for information about the mathematics in the unit.
Grade Order Title Strand
1 Models You Can Count On Number
2 Expressions and Formulas Algebra
3 Fraction Times Number
4 Operations Algebra
5 Comparing Quantities Algebra
6 Facts and Factors Number
7 Reallotment Geometry and Measurement
8 Dealing with Data Data Analysis and Probability
1 More or Less Number
2 Ratios and Rates Number
3 Go Rational! Number
4 Building Formulas Algebra
5 Triangles and Beyond Geometry and Measurement
6 Packages and Polygons Geometry and Measurement
7 Second Chance Data Analysis and Probability
1 Revisiting Numbers Number
2 Ups and Downs Algebra
3 It's All the Same Geometry and Measurement
4 Graphing Equations Algebra
5 Patterns and Figures Algebra
6 Algebra Rules! Algebra
7 Insights into Data Data Analysis and Probability
8 Great Predictions Data Analysis and Probability
1 Picturing Numbers Data Analysis and Probability
2 Figuring All the Angles Geometry and Measurement
3 Take a Chance Data Analysis and Probability
4 Made to Measure Geometry and Measurement
5 Looking at an Angle Geometry and Measurement